The Kairos Fellowship is designed to build the next generation of leaders in the field of technology, analytics, digital campaigning, and online organizing.

The Kairos Fellowship is designed to build the next generation of leaders in the field of civic tech, digital campaigning, and online organizing. Through the Fellowship, we invest in leaders, now and for the long term, with training, mentorship, and strategic support. It is Kairos Fellows and alumni who will create new tech tools and change how we organize to build long-term winning power.

National and state organizations at the forefront of advocacy, data and analytics, racial justice, and power-building have joined together to support the 2019 Kairos Fellowship. Kairos will place up to 18 Fellows at these leading national and state organizations.

We believe in thorough leadership development, political education, and training as core components to long-term power building. The program is designed to teach you the Kairos model of online organizing, which is rooted in racial justice and gender justice. For the duration of the 8-month program, the support Fellows can expect from Kairos includes but is not limited to:

  • Training on resiliency practices, digital security and design principles, analytics and data management, political education, digital campaign strategy and online organizing, narrative and communication strategy, coding, and product development and design.

  • Two to three in-person retreats and trainings. One is a bootcamp-style training led by expert campaigners to get you ready for your job placement.

  • Ongoing webinar trainings, speaker series, and exposure to the for-profit and nonprofit technology and online organizing sector through weekly cohort calls.

  • Support from both an experienced supervisor at your placement and a Kairos mentor who is a leader in the field of technology, digital campaigning, or online organizing to actively coach and support you throughout your fellowship.

  • Connection to a wide network of talented campaigners and digital leaders of color.

  • Peer support through the Kairos Fellowship cohort.

The fellowship begins September 2019 and ends May 2020. There is the possibility of full-time employment upon completion of the program.

If you are a field organizer, union organizer, community leader, or movement builder who wants to lead on digital strategies and campaigns to build power at the local, state, and national level, then this is the program for you!

We are accepting applications for the 2019 Kairos Fellowship from April 1 - April 26 -- apply today. You do not need to submit a current résumé in order to apply.

It is Kairos Fellows and alumni who will create the new technology and change the way we organize to build long-term winning power for our communities.


All applicants will receive timely information about the process and next steps, support, and encouragement throughout the four-month process. We want you to succeed!

Round 1: Submit your Application (April 1 - April 26)

You must submit a full application in order to be considered for the program. (You do not need to submit your résumé.) The application is designed to help us get to know you a little bit better, as well as get an initial sense of your potential fit in our program. Applications will be reviewed from April 1 through April 26 by Kairos staff, alumni, and members of our network.

Applicants who successfully meet the basic program requirements, as well as demonstrate potential to be a good fit, will advance to the next stage. Roughly, 50-60% of applicants will reach the second round: the first interview call with Kairos alumni.

Round 2: The Alumni Call (May 1 to May 24)

The 30-minute alumni call is an informal opportunity to talk to others who have been through the program to really assess if the Fellowship is right for you. You will be asked some interview questions and have a chance to ask your own questions about the program. Originally, our goal was to complete all these calls by May 17, but due to the volume of applications we received we will need to extend this round another week.

Round 3: Select Semi-Finalists (Late-May)

Our recruitment and review process is led by a committee comprised of Kairos staff, alumni, and members of our network. In late-May, after completing the alumni calls, the committee will convene and review all applicants. In this process we will review applications and résumés again, as well as review notes from the alumni calls. This will be done to decide semi-finalists. Originally, our goal was to convene in mid-May but due to the volume of applications we will convene a week later.

Round 4: Kairos Interview (Late-May to Mid-June)

This is a formal 75-minute interview with the Executive Director of Kairos, the Program Manager, and one other member of our network or alumni.

Round 5: Selecting Finalists + Partner Organization Matching (Mid-June)

In early June, the committee will convene and review all semi-finalists. In this process we will review all application materials once again with a sharper eye on fit. Specifically, we’ll be looking for which candidates match best with our partner organizations and fit the best with our program.

Round 6: Writing Assignment and Partner Organization Interviews (Mid-June to Mid-July)

The writing assignment is designed for us to get a sense of your writing and problem solving skills. Once the writing assignment has been assigned you will have two-days to complete it.

Finalists will also do formal interviews with Partner organizations. Each finalist will have the opportunity to interview with at least two Partner organizations to ensure Fellows are matched with the best organization for them.

Each Partner organization will receive all application materials of the finalists they interview.

Admission into the Kairos Fellowship is contingent on placement in a Partner organization. Applicants who make it to the Partner organization interview stage, but are not selected by a Partner organization will be waitlisted.

Round 7: Reference Checks (Mid-July)

Once you have made it to the Partner organization interview stage, you will be asked to provide two to three references. Partner organizations will conduct reference checks as part of their process to choosing their candidate.

Round 8: Kairos and Partner Organization Offer Letters (Late-July)

We will ask each Partner organization their preferred candidate, as well as ask each finalist their preferred Partner organization.

Once all interviews have been completed, and each Partner organization has chosen their candidate, Finalists will receive offers from Kairos and from their Partner organization separately.

It is at this point when Fellows will negotiate salary and benefits (such as a relocation allowance) with their Partner organization. Upon accepting the Partner offer, Kairos staff will contact you to book your travel and guide you through the next steps to finalize your placement.